Auto insurance helps drivers mitigate the financial risk that is caused by a car accident. If you happen to cause an automobile accident, the insurance helps you pay for the other driver’s damage to their car and any potential medical bills generated.

On the other hand, if someone crashes into your car, or even if your car is stolen, your insurance provider will also help cover those costs.

In Texas, all drivers are mandated by law to carry their valid auto insurance card with at least a minimum liability coverage policy. Getting caught without a proof of insurance, or with an expired policy could potentially lead to costly tickets, a license suspension and, of course, the lack of the financial protections mentioned above.

In addition, if you still have a balance on your car payment, your lender will require you to purchase collision and comprehensive coverage.


The fact that having a valid auto insurance card while driving in Texas is required by law, often puts auto insurance coverage, as a product and service, in a negative light.

Yes, you may get in legal trouble if you drive around with an expired insurance card, but having auto insurance actually offers drivers a lot of benefits that tend to be drowned out by money complaints. This is why lots of people choose minimum liability coverage over comprehensive coverage.

While it is true that having at least the minimum coverage is better than NO coverage, there are some important distinctions you should know in the event you do get into a fender-bender.

Minimum Coverage:

  • Does not cover vehicle protection: There is no coverage when it comes to repairing or replacing your vehicle.
  • Has very little coverage for medical damages: The cost of replacing a car part can reasonably reach $30,000 where the minimum coverage can leave you with a $5,000 bill. Medical expenses, however, can easily approximate $100,000 leaving you with a fat bill in the tens of thousands of dollars range.
  • Minimum coverage can be expensive: Today you may be happy that you can drive legally thanks to your minimum auto insurance coverage. However, if you do get involved in an accident, you will see how the fees start piling up quickly and will cost you the time and money you were trying to save on in the first place.

Why you need to compare various auto insurance quotes

Whether you are financing, buying outright, or even receiving a car as a gift, you are adding a significant expense to your monthly budget. It’s an investment that will hopefully make life easier and/or more enjoyable for you and your family. This is why you protect that investment with auto insurance.

However, buying the first policy you get offered without having compared what other providers are offering is not the smartest way to protect that investment. Are the rates in line with current market rates? What are the additional benefits for paying a higher rate?

Without comparing rates from different insurers, you have no point of reference to answer these and many other important questions about your policy. Needless to say, this leaves you vulnerable to price gouging and can potentially turn your supposedly beneficial investment into a monthly crisis.

Thankfully, these days you can easily obtain auto insurance quotes online and for free. Comparing various auto insurance quotes online gives you many benefits including:

  • Finding the best coverage: Checking quotes online allows you to get access to the various rates offered by different insurers so you can pick the one that’s more affordable for your situation.
  • Prevent being scammed: As you shop online for the best quotes, you’ll see plenty of offers in the form of ads. Some are legitimate, but unfortunately, there are many that are fraudulent. At least when you’re online, you can cross-examine these quotes and discard the ridiculous offers.
  • Be a prepared client: Many of the online questions are exactly what you will be asked in a live interview with the insurance representatives. Having the answers in mind enables you to be better prepared to potentially negotiate an even better rate with the insurer.

The best way drivers can defend themselves before going out on the road is to educate themselves on how to find and truly understand what their auto insurance policies do and do not cover. Sit down with your local insurance agent today to get all your questions answered.

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