Under certain scenarios, obtaining adequate insurance for your home, boat or unique items can be difficult or impossible to achieve. For these types of items and properties, you can purchase what is known as a specialty insurance policy that will provide certain financial protections in the event they suffer some kind of loss or damage.

Here are some of the most common forms of specialty insurance that can ensure you are financially covered for property.


We all know that home insurance is essential to provide the financial backup in case of damage or theft of property within your home. However, if you own an additional property which you use to rent, or only use during certain seasons, then you’re likely to not get approved for a traditional home insurance policy.

Other situations where your home may not qualify for a traditional home insurance policy include: a really old home, a fungus/mold-infected house, or substantial credit problems with the applicant.

In these situations, a specialty insurance policy will ensure that your property is covered even when you are not physically there most of the time. In effect, by having specialty insurance, the responsibilities that are usually associated with a landlord are immediately removed for you, as the insured client.


It’s no secret that owning a boat can be like owning a piece luxury that not everyone can afford. For lots of people, however, having a boat is a necessity for their job. Owning a boat entails dealing with lots of risks and headaches that require having the right financial back up plans in case things go south, or start sinking.

A boat faces many potential risks such as hurricane weather, capsizing, engine failure, collision, leaks and even theft out in the middle of the ocean (just think pirates!). As a boat owner, you want to ensure you have a financial shield in place in case something bad happens. However, you also want to mitigate the risk that the financ9ial burdens of your insurance policy won’t sink your future plans.

Specialty insurance for boats cover various types of water crafts including motorboats, sail boats and personal watercrafts. Its liability coverage also ensures that you are financially protected in case someone gets injured while on your boat or if your craft suffers some physical damage.


Specialty coverage for toys helps provide financial protection for all terrain vehicles. Some of the most common types of vehicles include 3 and 4-wheelers, dune buggies, motorcycles, modified go-karts and more. In fact, certain boats and jet skis qualify for this kind of coverage.

These type of vehicles demand high levels of technical skill and the highest quality parts and equipment. Needless to say, the constant maintenance to keep these vehicles in working shape can be a costly process.

Nevertheless, the vehicle operators put in a lot of passion, training and heart to ride these vehicles in the safest and most professional way they can. Not having an insurance policy to safeguard them in the event they suffer an accident could potentially be a career-ending event, both from a physical and financial standpoint.

Specialty insurance for toys may sound like a kid’s game, but make no mistake about it, they can help mitigate the risk of a financial disaster.


When you find the right specialty insurance provider that can address your particular needs and financial situation, you can reap the benefits of renting your high-value property and enjoy your peace of mind.

Fortunately, you can do some online research to find the best specialty policies currently on the market. Get in touch with your local insurance agent to find the best policy today.

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